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Friday, September 01, 2006

Drunk! McGavick 

So we all know that Mike! was drunk once back in 1993 and blew a .17 after running a red light. New revelations came out today, once again proving what a drunk this man is:

"A Maryland police report obtained Thursday offers four pages of details that include McGavick's alleged failing of roadside sobriety tests, falling asleep during processing and registering a 0.17 blood alcohol level 90 minutes after being stopped."

So he must've been truly trashed if he managed to blow a .17 an hour and a half afterwards, but that isn't the biggest revelation - what frightened me the most was that he drove a Miata. Shouldn't that disqualify him for public office right off the bat? I mean seriously, a 200 pound man driving a Miata?!? That just ain't right.

Oh, and I found these on cafepress - they make me giggle, and will probably adorn the Willismobile between now and election night:

UPDATE: After actually reading the Everett Herald story that Postman was pointing to, I came across this gem:
When McGavick rolled the window down on his white Mazda Miata, a strong odor of alcohol greeted the officer, according to the report. McGavick told the officer he had "two, maybe three beers" during the previous five hours.

Ok, so now we know for a fact that (at least when he's drunk) Mike! is a big fat liar. No way do you put down "two, maybe three beers" over a 5 hour period, and still blow a .17 90 minutes later! I'm no blood alchohol content expert, but according to this website, if he had had 3 regular beers over three hours, the highest his BAC would've been would be .04. According to that Ohio State BAC calculator, Mike! would've had to have put down more than 8 drinks in a 3 hour period just to get to .18, and we all know that he must've been more drunk than that when he was pulled over - cuz he blew .17 an hour and a half later. So not only is he a stinking drunk, but he's a stinking liar to boot!

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