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Monday, February 20, 2006

Dell Computers = Assclowns 

So there's this guy in Europe named Paul Dell - and apparently he's a webdesigner and has owned www.dellwebsites.com since 2001. Dell Computers doesn't like this and is asking him for an absolutely insane amount of money in compensation.

Paul is standing up for his rights (as he did back in 2002 when Dell first harrassed him - they dropped it when they realized that he wasn't going to cave - but then changed their mind again in 2005), but the legal fees are more than he can afford. If I had a couple extra bucks (which sadly, I don't), I'd donate them here. People who donate can get one of his css web templates, or one of his photographs (he's also a photographer).

What makes me sad is that I'm typing this post on a Dell laptop that I really really like. I'm going to be in the market for another laptop in the very near future (want to upgrade myself to something that can handle Civ 4 without the hicups, give this one to my wife), and after hearing this my chances of buying one of Dell's gaming laptops are pretty low (and I've been damned happy with this laptop so far....). Guess it's Alienware for my laptop gaming needs.

More info (and useful links) here.

Hat tip to Boing Boing.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sign of the Apocalypse #44,569 

Yes, that is the brand new "Tab energy". Spotted a couple of days ago at Larry's Market. Lord help us...

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On another note... 

...when using Blogger's own spell-check tool on my previous post, I was surprised that the word "blog" was not in their dictionary. Ironic, no?

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Lou Pate Leaves 710 KIRO... 

....which I would normally characterize as a good thing (as blatherwatch points out, his whole schtick of late has been "Here's why I hate Seattle", and it had gotten old), but blatherwatch also seems to think that everyone's least favorite radio personality (and commenter on this blog) Bryan "Rhymes with Bible" Styble is being groomed to slip into Pate's vacated 1-4am.

God, let this be a misinformed statement on blatherwatch's part. Styble sucks, and should go back to Albuquerque (or anywhere but here) where he belongs.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Steelers Fans are Sore Winners.

So not only does this jackass' team get a Lombardi trophy that they didn't deserve, but then he punches some poor Seahawks fan? What the hell?!?

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Superbowl Hangover 

So I just haven't had the will to post anything about the Superbowl - as a Seahawks fan I've just found it too painful to talk about.

Then today I found this article by Skip Bayless (a Seahawks hater who didn't think they deserved to be in the Superbowl, and had taken to referring to them as the SeaFrauds). Obviously he's not a Seahawks fan - so imagine my surprise when I find out that even Skip "SeaFrauds" Bayless thinks we were robbed:
Jackson definitely gave Steelers safety Chris Hope a little push. But it didn't give Jackson enough of an advantage to prompt a penalty. The ref called it only after Hope turned and begged for it.

That cost your team four points, a little momentum and a little more psychological edge. The Pittsburgh offense isn't built to come from behind or to win a shootout. A 7-0 Seattle lead would have tightened the Steelers' throats more than 3-0 would have.

The holding call on Locklear clearly cost your Seahawks seven more points. Four plus seven equals 11 -- Pittsburgh's margin of victory. And who knows how the Steelers would have responded if they had suddenly found themselves behind early in the fourth quarter?
Sure, Jerramy Stevens dropped three passes, and Hasselbeck threw an interception, but even with those errors, the refs stole the margin of victory from the Seahawks.

If we had lost fair and square, I could live with that - but losing because the refs felt compelled to throw a flag after every big Seattle play, just left me feeling empty and sad.

There's a huge problem with officiating in the NFL, and they need to fix it if they want to keep their position as the premier American professional sports league. A lot of people lost confidence in the NFL's refs on Sunday (and not just Seattle fans - but fans from all over the country are outraged by the poor officiating both at the Superbowl and throughout the league), and I hope the NFL takes the steps necessary to fix this problem - hopefully in time for the Seahawk's next trip to the Superbowl.

And one more thing - the ads weren't that great this year - so not only was I pissed at the games, but the ads didn't give me the respite I needed.

UPDATE: Here's another petition regarding the NFL's poor officiating, with some suggestions on how to fix it.

UPDATE #2: Found a great article by Kevin Hench at Foxsports.com who points out that the Seahawks are the only team in Superbowl history to win the time of posession battle (Seattle had the ball for 33 minutes), the turnover battle (1 Seahawk turnover to the Steelers 2) and the total yards battle (396 to 339) and lose the big game. He sums up my feelings pretty well:

This was a historic, first-of-its-kind Super Bowl loss. I don't want to take anything away from the Steelers, except, of course, the Lombardi Trophy.
Seattle fans have a right to feel sick. Their team just suffered the most unjust loss in Super Bowl history.

I'm guessing knowing that the previous 25 teams to gain more yards, keep the ball longer and not lose the turnover battle all won the Super Bowl won't make them feel any better.

True dat.

UPDATE #3: Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy at ESPN.com) had this to say after the phantom holding call which brought back the Jerramy Stevens catch which would've given the Seahawks 1st and Goal from the 1 or 2:
Shouldn't the refs just replace the yellow flags with Terrible Towels at this point?

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