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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Two Completely Unrelated Thoughts: 

1) The Washington State Democrats made the right selection in picking Dwight Pelz to be the next Party Chair. He's a very passionate and focused man, and will be a nice replacement for the retiring Paul Berendt.

2) Texas A&M needs to grow up. They have a problem with the Seahawks using the term "12th Man" to describe their fans. Apparently it also took them over 20 years for the Seahawks use of the term to come to their attention. According to the PI:

The Seahawks have celebrated their fans as a "12th Man" since the 1980s, when they used to turn the now-demolished Kingdome into one of the NFL's loudest venues.

A&M has twice registered trademarks for "The 12th Man" label - in 1990 and 1996 - that include entertainment services, "namely organizing and conducting intercollegiate sporting events," and products, such as caps, T-shirts, novelty buttons and jewelry.
The A&M tradition might have started in the 1920s, but if they were too lazy to copyright it until a decade after the Seahawks started using it, then they're out of luck in my book.

Of course, this just goes to show that people around the country really don't pay Seattle any attention - it took a freakin Superbowl appearance for A&M to hear about the `hawk's 12th Man - and it's not like we've been trying to keep it a secret...

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