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Monday, January 02, 2006

"Bible Based" "New Testiment" Christianity 

Just saw a cable ad for a local wannabe-megachurch which advertized a "Bible Based" "New Testiment" Christianity. Sounds much cooler than the all-popular "Non-Bible Based" "Old-Testiment Only" Christianity.

The sad thing is, this "Evangalical" church (another one of their descriptors) seems to be implying that other churches aren't "Bible Based" (not sure how you'd have a Christian church that wasn't based on the Bible), and Christianity just isn't Christianity without the New Testiment (cuz then it's called Judiasm).

This seems to be part of a larger belief by the more conservative churches (Dubya's political base) that their faith is more pure than the Christianity taught at more liberal (read "accepting") churches. Oddly enough - the tenants that define the more conservative churches are usually found in the Old Testiment (Leviticus with it's line condemning homosexuality jumps to mind), and the more accepting churches are actually more deeply founded in the New Testiment ("Love thy neighbor", etc).

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