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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Two Completely Unrelated Thoughts: 

1) The Washington State Democrats made the right selection in picking Dwight Pelz to be the next Party Chair. He's a very passionate and focused man, and will be a nice replacement for the retiring Paul Berendt.

2) Texas A&M needs to grow up. They have a problem with the Seahawks using the term "12th Man" to describe their fans. Apparently it also took them over 20 years for the Seahawks use of the term to come to their attention. According to the PI:

The Seahawks have celebrated their fans as a "12th Man" since the 1980s, when they used to turn the now-demolished Kingdome into one of the NFL's loudest venues.

A&M has twice registered trademarks for "The 12th Man" label - in 1990 and 1996 - that include entertainment services, "namely organizing and conducting intercollegiate sporting events," and products, such as caps, T-shirts, novelty buttons and jewelry.
The A&M tradition might have started in the 1920s, but if they were too lazy to copyright it until a decade after the Seahawks started using it, then they're out of luck in my book.

Of course, this just goes to show that people around the country really don't pay Seattle any attention - it took a freakin Superbowl appearance for A&M to hear about the `hawk's 12th Man - and it's not like we've been trying to keep it a secret...

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nothing Says Love Like... 

...Dori Monson getting tasered! I think I'll set up my computer so it plays this movie at startup ever morning...

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bloglines now French?!? 

....and I'm not sure why. I even checked my "Infos essentielles" (?!?) and it said that my selected language was "Anglais".

Is this happening to anyone else?

I reselected "Anglais" and hit save, but everything (except the rss feeds, of course) was still in French....

....very odd.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Crazy peeps who wanna be on Seattle City Council 

Far too long to post here - but I actually sat through (most) of the hearing yesterday at City Hall - where each applicant for the open City Council position were given three minutes to sell themselves.

By the way, while you're there, check out Washblog. It's kind of like a Daily Kos for Washington!

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Being Anonymously Annoying is now Illegal?!? 

According to this story , the Prezdent just signed the "Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act" - which sounds like a good thing on the surface - but attached to the bill is a law making it illegal to post, email, or send "annoying" messages if you do so without disclosing your off-line identity.

Will this bring about the end of comment threads at Horsesass, or will this go largely ignored and unenforced - or could it be insidiously and selectively enforced? Does this make this discussion at WA State Political Report completely moot?

This also brings up another annoyance of mine - in Washington State, our State Constitution requires that all laws stick to one subject - and we've had many laws tossed out by our Supreme Court because of this. As I see it, a lot of the problems, and a lot of the shenanigans we have to put up with (especially in the Senate), have to do with unrelated riders attached to bills that are politically dangerous to vote against. I could be wrong, but I believe the only way to fix this would be through an amendment to the Constitution - but I doubt that Congress would allow the easiest way they have to bring pork home to go away so easily.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

"Bible Based" "New Testiment" Christianity 

Just saw a cable ad for a local wannabe-megachurch which advertized a "Bible Based" "New Testiment" Christianity. Sounds much cooler than the all-popular "Non-Bible Based" "Old-Testiment Only" Christianity.

The sad thing is, this "Evangalical" church (another one of their descriptors) seems to be implying that other churches aren't "Bible Based" (not sure how you'd have a Christian church that wasn't based on the Bible), and Christianity just isn't Christianity without the New Testiment (cuz then it's called Judiasm).

This seems to be part of a larger belief by the more conservative churches (Dubya's political base) that their faith is more pure than the Christianity taught at more liberal (read "accepting") churches. Oddly enough - the tenants that define the more conservative churches are usually found in the Old Testiment (Leviticus with it's line condemning homosexuality jumps to mind), and the more accepting churches are actually more deeply founded in the New Testiment ("Love thy neighbor", etc).

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