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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wow - Looks like someone is desperate for listeners.. 

Got this yesterday in ye olde in-boxe:
Subject: Radioactive courtesy notification

Wednesday, December 21, 2005 4:05 pm PT [Solstice + 5.5 hours]
Mr. or Ms. "WillisReed"
Somewhere in Seattle cyberspace

Dear Mr. or Ms. "Reed":

I of course realize you have nothing but contempt for my KIRO work and probably for me personally as well, but principle does compel me to notify you that I've been discussing on-air your postings about my work.

I'm sorry I don't live up to your expectations of what any decent newstalker should be, but I humbly thank you for at least noticing my obscure broadcasts. I also realize you must be puzzled as to why KIRO would give me so much airtime, but I guess I'm just inordinately lucky. In any event, I've been on more than Lou over the last three weeks, and will continue to be on every upcoming Mon-Fri morning 1-5am through and including Monday, January 2, 2006.

I invite you to contribute--or more likely, just trash my fumblethumbed newstalk style--on-air under your "Willis" pseudonym or some other alias (you clearly don't like to own your ideas, a point among others I've been hammering on air about you and just about everyone else in cyberspace), or alternatively, just sit by your radio laughing at how incompetent I am.

Nevertheless, I wish you health and happiness in 2006.


BRYAN "Worst Broadcaster in Seattle" STYBLE/Seattle

Oddly enough, I will be too busy with the upcoming holidays to fulfill Mr. Styble's fantasy. I have never in my life ever seen a broadcaster so desperate for callers before - it's pretty amazing. I firmly believe that if Mr. Styble took my advice (slowed down his delivery, dropped the unneeded words, and kept it to one topic for longer than thirty-seconds) he wouldn't have to email his critics to find a caller....or he could just do what Lou does, and talk with his Producer...

And to clarify, I have no personal contempt towards Mr. Styble - I hope he has a wonderful holiday and a great New Year - my only problem lies in his ability as a talk-show host - I know good radio when I hear it - and he ain't it.

On the up-side, he wasn't arrested this week!

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