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Friday, December 02, 2005

More from our buddy Bryan Styble 

So, Seattle radio had some big changes yesterday. 100.7 "The Buzz" changed formats to Country (now going by "The Wolf"), and the mid-day and evening talent (BJ Shea and The Men's Room, respectively) from the Buzz moved over to the Hard Rock station, 99.9 KISW.

The big loser in this whole mess (unless you count Robin and Maynard, who were already losers as the Buzz's morning show, and are now out of work) is the Tom Leykis fan base - as Tom's show has also been moved to KISW, but from afternoon drive (at the Buzz - where it was carried live) to the middle of the night (at KISW, on tape delay).

Tom's fans are a rambunctious bunch - and I'm sure by now you're wondering what any of this has to do with the worst broadcaster in Seattle - Mr. Rhymes with Bible Bryan Styble. I found on wewantleykis.com (a quickly put-together fan site devoted to getting Leykis back on the air live in Seattle) a prank call to the Lou Pate show (710 KIRO is owned by the same company that owns the Buzz/Wolf and KISW) - and who would be sitting in for Lou last night, but our good buddy Bryan Styble? You can listen to the call here.

Nothing warms the blood like a good prank call (although I do feel for the Producer/call-screener - I've done more than my fair share of call-screening, and you always feel like an ass when one gets by you...)

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