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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Dear T-Mobile, 

Would it be too much to ask that you empower your kiosk employees to make warranty exchanges?

I've been having an on-again-off-again problem with my Treo, and I had done everything I could think of to fix it (including the fabled "hard reset", which errases everything on the Treo and restores it to factory-new settings, etc). I didn't want to sit on hold with customer service for a half an hour, so I found some time to stop by one of their mall kiosks - hoping that I would be able to get some one-on-one customer service.

Instead they dialed a number and handed me a phone - and I ended up waiting on hold and being on the phone for half an hour in the middle of a mall, instead of in the comfort of my own home. They had dialed the same exact customer service number I could've called! Oh well - they're shipping me a new (or at least refurbished) phone in the next couple of days.

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