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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Guess who's back on the air? 

If you guessed Bryan Styble, you'd be correct. Apparently 710 KIRO Program Director Tom Clendening didn't listen to my advice to dump him. He desperately needs to understand that when you're on the air from 1:00-5:00am, "propagating conversation at the speed of sound" isn't how you do radio. Frankly, the best overnight radio hosts sound as tired as their listeners are - no one wants to listen to a hyperactive caffeinated talk show host with a bad case of ADD in the wee hours of the morning - we just can't keep up!

Frankly, with Bryan his problem is circular - because he's on late at night, he worries about getting calls (understandably), so in an effort to encourage more calls he goes from topic to topic at a rapid pace in the hopes that if he tosses out enough topics that someone will finally call in - the problem is that going from topic to topic (especially during an overnight shift) actually discourages people from calling - they always feel as if they're behind the conversation - but because Mr. Styble doesn't recognize this paradox, he speeds up his spastic jumping from topic to topic, further alienating listeners and discouraging callers.

On another note - Lou Pate tonight was more obnoxious than usual. I respect Pate for his ability to relate to people in the middle of the night, but his hatred of Seattle (the weather, politics, people, drivers, etc) is growing annoying. Tonight he ranted for two hours about how he thought people (and obviously he was attacking liberals) were politicizing the problems associated with Katrina. He was very adept at parroting the Republican talking points - attacking people who were too poor to get out of New Orleans, blaming the local authorities when FEMA and Homeland Security were nowhere to be seen, etc. He wasn't accepting phonecalls from liberals all night - he told liberals to go masturbate instead of calling his show (not sure what that has to do with this, but I swear he said it...sounds like a sexual fantasy to me...). What he did was pussy out of any real conversation with listeners by framing the debate in such a way so that anyone who disagreed with him was already in the wrong - it was fairly genius, if his goal was to sound like KKKVI.

Really, what I'm trying to say is that the only good thing that happened in radio over the last couple of days is that Bryan Styble finally stopped saying "rhymes with bible" in reference to his name. Thankee Jeebus!

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