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Monday, August 22, 2005

Search Terms 

So, it seems as if I get almost as many people reading my drivel by searching for "Bryan Styble" as "Andy Milinokis" (which is funny, because Andy is at least funny, mildly talented and broadcast at a time when normal people have a slight chance of seeing him).

What really cracks me up, is that when you search for Bryan Styble on Yahoo, my posting about how bad he was one night filling in on 710 KIRO is the first result!?!

Anyways, today I noticed that someone found my blog by searching on Yahoo for "Bryan Styble" - and spent 12 minutes and 41 seconds looking at the post. For some reason I think it's particularly fascinating that they were surfing from a Ford Motor Company IP address. Best guess is that Mr. Styble has relatives who build cars (god knows no one else would have a reason to search for him).

Anyways, back to our regularly scheduled programing soon. Schedule is getting more consistant, and I'm hoping to bloviate on a more regular basis for the next couple of weeks.

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