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Monday, August 01, 2005

More Bad Radio... 

Alrighty then, so I've talked about bad talk radio before, but right now I'm listening to something worse than a play-by-play of a fireworks show, and it's called Bryan Styble ("rhymes with bible", as he's said every 5-10 minutes for the last two hours...).

I guess Lou Pate (710 KIRO, M-F 1:00-5:00 am) is taking a few days off, so they have this Bryan Styble turkey filling in. His big selling point is "I'll talk to just about anyone about just about anything - from Astronomy to Zoology". All this tells me is that he doesn't have the ability to talk about a single compelling topic for any length of time - instead he's jumping from one topic to another - and he's doing it too quickly to give any listeners time to formulate an argument and dial the station with their thoughts. Oh, and he's obsessed with talking about himself - talk radio listeners don't really care about your general philosophical leanings, but they do care what you think about a compelling and timely topic. This guy is spending all his time talking about where he stands on the political spectrum (and how "independent" he thinks he is, etc) and moving from random topic to random topic, that it is no surprise that he's only had one caller so far (and the caller just called to tell him how much he loved him compared to Pate).

I'm not a huge fan of Pate, but at least he knows how to get people to call - Bryan Styble is too busy puffing his chest and "propagating conversation at the speed of light" (his god-awful catchphrase, repeated at least 10 times in the last hour - god help us) to develop a topic of interest. So far he's talked (quickly) about the space shuttle, death of King Fahd, Live8 (and Live Aid and the concerts for Bangledesh), the war in Iraq (and how it's a "war on terrorism" - not a "war on terror"). He's also spent time talking about topics that he's heard other 710KIRO hosts talking about (further proof that he can't find a topic on his own).

Very sad. God knows that I hope KIRO PD Clendening will listen to a tape of this tomorrow and decide that this guy sucks. He makes Carl Jeffers sound compelling, and that's not a good thing...

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Brian Styble "Propagating conversation at the speed of light" needs to calm down. He sounds like he's going to have a hear attack, he talks so fast and furiously!

Woah Brian - it's overnights. Calm down!!!

~Lou Pate's former producer~
Alas, Bryan Styble suffers from Asberger's Syndrome (check it out, look for a good definition online)In lots of way, Bryan just can't help himself,literally...he surely cannot deal with his own word rate. He's a bit of a genius,though, when it comes to talking about micro- minutae of Bob Dylan songs , for instance, but don't look for any long and penetrating political insights from Bryan.I think he got his local Seattle marching orders from Medved, who gave him air-space as a caller-in for a few years. Give Styble an all-night TV- critique- and -Entertainment Review Show, and he'll start blowing off the ratings of the likes of Art Bell wannabees, who all seem to be genetically hardwired without a critical faculty. HCM
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