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Friday, May 06, 2005


(first spotted at MyDD)

Churches have been getting more and more political lately, but this latest story of a Minister excommunicating members because they're Democrats is just WAY over the top. So far he's kicked out 9 members, and 40 other members have left in protest.

Frankly, I'm not religious myself, but I know many sane religious people who are able to be both liberal and Christian. The two aren't mutually exclusive. This blind devotion of fundamentalist Christians to Bush's agenda is near-sighted, at best. Which would Jesus really want: that new bankruptcy bill that passed last month (and screwed the working poor who are getting worked over by the credit card companies), or for us to really support our poor? Honestly, when you look at the Bible, and look at the big picture of Jesus's teaching (rather than nit pick out verses that support your homophobia, etc), you see a message of love, understanding and compassion - from that vantage, Bush is truly lacking.

Enough from me - your turn.

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