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Friday, April 22, 2005

How to stop discrimination against gays: 

So, today in Washington State we watched our Anti-Discrimination bill fall 24-25 in the State Senate (two Dems sided with the entire Republican contingent to keep bigotry alive in the Evergreen State - douchebags, both of them). So, for the time being, you can be fired from your job or denied housing based solely on your sexual orientation. Amazing that we're still having this fight.

I think I've found the solution though. A Massachusetts woman was fired from Costco back in 2001 because she wouldn't remove her eyebrow ring. She's claiming religious discrimination - as she is a member of the Church of Body Modification - and her religion requires her have body piercings. If her argument somehow flies (and you never know - it might), someone should just start the Church of Homosexuality (which will have as one of its major tenants that you have to have sex with people of the same sex), and then firing homosexuals will fall under our already strong religious discrimination laws.

Problem solved. Booyeah.

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