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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

What's the news? 

So, 710 KIRO decides to can one of it's Sunday night hosts due to the Seahawks games (which have whittled down his normal 3-hour time slot to one measly hour once a week). How is this news?

Oh yeah, the host decides that he was fired because he asked for Dan Rathers termination due to the Bush Memo scandal. Funny thing, his co-workers disagree. Brian Maloney has just proven that his shrill, whiney radio personality really does line up with how he acts off-air. He had three years working weekends to prove himself, they finally just gave up on him as a ratings winner. (as an aside, the only time I've found him entertaining at all, was when they had him - knee-jerk right-winger - co-host a couple of hours with Erin Hart - knee-jerk liberal. Good times. Also the only time I've really found Erin to be at all entertaining.)

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