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Friday, September 17, 2004

No rest for the weary 

Working on a politically-related job during a Presidential Election year doesn't leave one with many days off. Yesterday was my first full day off in quite a while (maybe my second in 3 weeks or so). I was planning on a day spent in my underwear, remote in hand. The Missus discovered my lack of work, and instead of letting me carry on with my already scheduled programming, insisted that we spend the day together (she only had to work until noon). We ended up driving out to North Bend (stopped at the outlet stores there - some pretty decent deals - left with a new pair of shoes), and stopped in Issaquah on the way back (took her to the Bohem's factory, and the XXX Rootbeer place - good times).

The family finally decided to move Grandma, so I'm dealing with watching the Family Home as it is picked clean by the family. Apparently all the carpet is coming out this weekend. They want to have it on the market before the end of the month. The Realtor thinks that the house my Grandparents bought for $13,000 back in `65 could be sold for up to $700,000. Phenomenal investing. No way they could've known that their neighborhood would appreciate the way it has - and Grandma is lucky that it has. The home we moved her to isn't cheap. The Siblings went out of their way to find the best place for their Mother, and I have to say - it's quite a find. It's owned by a Romanian couple. She's a nurse, he does the handiwork, her mother does the cooking. The house has a great homey feeling to it, and it is very comfortable visiting her there (as I and The Missus did this afternoon). Grandma is starting to accept that this is her new home, but she is understandably a bit depressed over the whole affair. She is a strong-willed woman, and never really wanted to leave the house she raised her kids in. She's realizing that it is necessary, but that doesn't mean that she has to like it. In time I think that she'll get used to her new surroundings. Before I left, I made sure that her subscription to the PI had been transferred to her new address. She may not do the crossword every day as she used to, but she needs the little things like the morning paper to keep some consistency in her life right now.

I called my sister to see if she had been to the Family Home since Grandma had moved, and every time the subject came up, she found something else to talk about. Everybody is taking this pretty hard, but she's the only one that doesn't seem willing or able to talk about it.

Enough for now. The Missus heard that I have tomorrow off, and arranged for another half day. We're off to Puyallup to visit her Grandad after she gets off work in 8.5 hours. I'll have to pick up some caffeine on the way down....

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