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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy 4th 

So I just heard the worst radio ever. I honestly don't think I'm exagerating....

I guess someone at KIRO thought verbally describing the two fireworks shows in Seattle would be compelling. Here how it sounded (Host Erin Hart is in her studio watching the Lake Union show, Rich is on Queen Anne Hill watching the Myrtle Edwards show):

Erin: Oh my, we just had a red one, followed by a blue that turned into white. It looked like a....like a...(two second pause)...sea urchin! Like a sea urchin, like the ones you'd see at the Seattle Aquarium. Back to you Rich.

Rich: Red, white into green, blue, green, green, green, red into white, blue, too many colors to describe, white shooting up like a comet and cascading. Blue, green, green, blue, red.

Erin: It's like a....uh....a wedding veil has been placed in front of all of us...a big white wedding veil covering Lake Union! Apparently I've heard that white is the most popular color in these shows. It's easier to see against the background of the night sky.

This went on for over half an hour! They went through the completion of both shows! Truly the most retarted thing I've ever listened to on the radio (in my defence, it was like a car wreck, hard to look away from).

On another note, what's with the people who think it's okay to pull over to the shoulder on a very busy freeway to watch the fireworks? Why weren't they ticketed?

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