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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Been back for a couple of days.... 

...but it took me until now to get back in this habit. Not sure why...and I'm sure that I've had things I've wanted to put on the blog, but have just been too lazy to log in and do it.

Had a great vacation - got a lot of time with The Missus, which was great. We had a lot of fun (although, I must say it is nice to walk outside and not feel the immediate need to shower). Let me just say, Maui is an amazing island (rainforest on one side, and almost desert like conditions on the other). I had forgotten how much fun it is just to wade in the ocean and bob with the waves. The Missus and I are semi-seriously looking into the feasibility of us moving (although with the possibility of kids in the next 2-3 years, and the knowledge of how unbearable our parents will be if we were to take their first grandkids across the Pacific, this might just be a pipe-dream...)

The Missus' cat had to go to the vet while we were gone. They said he had sores, and was either allergic to fleas or his new Rx food. We have both of the cats on flea medication, and he seems less irritated. I also had to take in his sister today (her eye has been "blinky", and it was time for her annual check-up and shots). I just can't believe that we've spent well in excess of $1600 on the cats in the last month. And the timing is horrendous also - I'm in the middle of a three week hiatus between temp jobs (of course, I am looking for more stable work, but in the meantime...), we just got back from vacation (which never is cheap), and to top it off - last month was the first time we've ever gone over our cell-minutes in our family plan (and it wasn't just a little, but over $60 worth of extra minutes - mostly my fault I should add), so this next month is going to be very tight. I'm just hoping that we can keep the stress level nice and low for the time being. I'm trying to do lots of work while I'm stuck at home (makes the Missus much happier when she gets off work if she sees that I've been doing more around the house than just sitting around watching ESPN).

Anyways, I'm off to bed. It is late.

Right now iTunes is playing "At Least I Rocked" by Laymans Terms. Went to high school with the lead singer.


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