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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Thoughts for a late Wednesday night (or early Thursday morning) 

-Finally got the new cat door installed. Not sure if our she's figured out how to use it...once she gets in the room, she just stares out the clear door at us, and her brother (who isn't allowed in the room due to his new urinary tract related diet restrictions).

-Free songs every week now at iTunes. Gotta love that! Now I'm just hoping that they won't suck...

-My back has been out since Friday. Finally broke out the tiger balm and vicodin today (makes life just a bit easier, if a bit smellier). The Missus was nice enough to give me a nice massage. I just hope it's better by Saturday for the whole vacation thingy.

-The Missus has put together a three page document for her brother about what needs to be done while he apartment-sits for us.

-No major movement on the job front. I sent an email expressing my interest in the job that will pay me real money. Got a call from the job that wouldn't pay me real money - they're still deciding who they want to hire, and I'm still in the running, but they're going to pass my resume on to some other interested parties. I appreciate them doing this, but it does make me question how much they want me...

-My Dad (who isn't really a recreational reader like the rest of my family) always asks me to suggest a couple of books for him to read whenever we go on vacation. I'm still debating what I'll give him for our trip to Maui. I'm seriously considering turning him on to Chuck Palahniuk. Maybe that sort of system shock will get him in a reading mood...?

-Giving medicine to a cat orally is a very weird and difficult activity. Luckily, my sick kitty is a pretty laid back dude, and takes it very well.

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