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Sunday, April 18, 2004

So many things happening all at once... 

So I'm supposed to go out drinking with a couple of friends last night (seeing as today was my birthday and all), and before the first drop of alcohol is consumed, I get a call from The Missus. Apparently her cat is acting lethargic, and can't pee - not even on her sweater. The thing that got her to call me was the fact that she pulled out treats, and he didn't even move.... So she called the Emergency Vet, and they said that if his urinary tract was blocked, it could be life threatening - I dropped everything and we took him in. Sure enough, his little kitty wee-wee was blocked up. They catherderized him (is that even a word?) and pumped fluids into him. He had to spend two nights, and tomorrow morning I get to wake up really early, in time to pick him up by 7:30am, and get him to his normal vet by 8:00, catherder still in place. All told, this cat's pee-pee problems are easily going to cost us over a grand. Just peachy, especially with us going to Hawaii in a couple of weeks. Thank god for savings accounts and credit cards! ;)

Went to two birthday parties today, one for a local politico who I'm trying to get in good with, and another for me. Turned a quarter century today. Good times. Had family and friends over at my parent's place. Had ribs. Had German chocolate cake. Best gift - a t-shirt from my two best friends which reads: "Daddy Likey". Very good times.

Not sure if our other cat (my cat) is acting lovey because her brother is gone (sometimes he really buggs the hell out of her), or if she's acting that way because she's lonely. I guess I'll know tomorrow when I bring him home, and see her reaction to his return.

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