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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Hopefully my friends know what they're saying 

Went to my weekly poker game last night, and asked my friends there (who helped get me the interview tomorrow) if I should get rid of the sideburns and goatee. Pretty much they all said "No". I hope they're right. Started out with $2.00, left with $2.66. Not a bad night of poker (started out slow, but won big going all-in - such a great way to start a comeback!).

The Missus' kitty is still at the vet. They removed his catherter this morning, and there is a chance we can have him home tonight (and start feeding both our cats $1 a can food for the rest of their lives! Yay!).

I'm attending my first city council meeting tonight. I play Ultimate (frisbee), and we need more fieldspace. There is one really good place to build it (and it's been vetted by the Parks Dept), but the neighbors are a bunch of NIMBYs in the worst way, and are using all their political capital and money to put the kibosh on this thing moving forward. These same people wanted to stop the very popular and well-used Burke-Gilman Trail from going through their neighborhood fercryinoutloud! It looked a year ago as if passing this through council wouldn't be a problem, but then a new council got elected, and it seems as if Jean Godden (freshman councilmember and former columnist for the Seattle P-I) lives in the problematic neighborhood, and is siding with the neighbors. I also have the feeling that the other newbies are scared by the amount of correspondence they're receiving about the topic (apparently both sides flooded their email inboxes with over 30,000 emails combined), and want to go forward in the traditional "Seattle Way" (which means lots of process, with very little progress). I love this city, but sometimes it really pisses me off.

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