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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Decent night at work... 

My night at work was going very slowly (and I can't say that my mood was high with my cat still at the vet, and the bills climbing quickly), until I noticed a message on my cell phone. It was from a job that I really wanted, and they wanted to interview me! I'll call them tomorrow morning and get that set up! I can't speak too much about the job, but let's just say that it's exactly what I want and need (professionally) right now. The Missus supports me, even though she realizes that it may mean not really seeing me for quite some time (the hours for this job are ridiculous, and the pay usually isn't so great....but the contacts and experience are invaluable). Right after I heard that message, my productivity at work jumped up. Very nice.

Then I get home, and the Mariners are ahead 1-0 going into the top of the 9th inning....and a fan gets her glove in the way of Ichiro trying to catch a Jermaine Dye fly ball. She single-handedly turns it into a home run, and we have a tied ballgame. This went on until the bottom of the 14th inning, with the Mariners finally prevailing. Seems like their season is turning around, but there were signs to the contrary. The relief pitching allowed the Athletics to fill the bases three consecutive innings (luckily they weren't able to convert any of those opportunities into a run), and the Mariners weren't able to score with the bases loaded 2 or 3 straight innings also.

The ballgame ended in the weirdest possible way. The Mariners had Quentin McCracken on third and Bret Boone on 1st. The A's pitcher faked to third, then threw to first. Problem is, his leading foot never went toward third base, but rather went towards home. The first base umpire called a balk, and both runners advanced giving the Mariners the win. Crappy way to lose, but after 14 innings, none of the Mariners were going to complain about it as a way to win.

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