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Monday, April 26, 2004

Damn the cat door! 

So we've decided to put in a cat door to the den. We're doing this so that the non-sick cat will have access to their old (and much cheaper) food, which she prefers anyway. We're dropping $20 on a new interior door (have to store the old one for when we leave the apartment), and $60 on an electromagnetic cat door, which will let only the non-sick cat in (because she'll be wearing a special magnetic collar). If all this sounds like we're going overboard, you have to realize that the food that our sick cat has to eat for the rest of his life costs over $1/can. Doesn't sound like much, but when you're talking about two cats you are looking at spending anywhere from $60-$120 on food per month. If we can get the non-sick cat to eat her own food, we can save at least $30/month. The whole experiment will pay itself off in 2-3 months. It gets even better when you add in the fact that our sick cat is generally too aggressive for our non-sick cat's taste, and I'm sure that we'll see her spending much of her time in her own little room.

I called PetSmart yesterday about the cat door I wanted, and they said they had it. By the time we made it up there, they had sold the only one they had. I'm having to run all the way up to their Lynnwood store today to pick it up. I could pick it up at our vet, but they want $75. At this point I'm happy to save $15. Afterwards I went to Home Depot with Dad to buy the interior door. My measurements were off, so we had to manually drill out the holes for the doorknob and the latch. Would've been done yesterday, except Dad's cordless drill decided to poop out on him. He's coming over tonight with his non-cordless drill, and we'll get it taken care of tonight.

Cleaning the house like mad for our kitty-sitters. Good times. Can't wait for Maui on Saturday!

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