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Friday, April 30, 2004

Always fun preparing for vacation... 

Finally figured out how to send a vacation auto-reply from my Comcast account! This will help me a bunch, especially considering that I have a few resumes out there right now, and I don't want them to think that I'm ignoring them if they try to get a hold of me.

Since we're going to Hawaii, I thought it might be a good time to evaluate my stock of Hawaiian shirts. Two of them need to be fixed (ripped off buttons - figure I'll just patch the torn cloth, and sew in some new buttons). I'll have that tourist look down pat! (I already have the pasty thing down!)

The Missus got her fake tan done today. Good times. Can't shower until tomorrow, and smells like walnuts for the time being. Not really looking forward to going to bed right now.....

We spend tonight at my parent's place so we can head right to the airport at 5:30 Saturday morning...and neither of us are packed! Good times tomorrow, between the errand running (need to go to a fabric store for buttons, and the vet for drugs), laundry (don't think there will be very much of this) and packing, we have a full day in front of us (the biggest question is, why am I still awake blogging with that sort of day in front of me?).

Random Thought #1 - Remember how I was peeved that RNC ads were being placed by google on my site? Looks like those have disappeared, and now more democratic ads are appearing. Those damn ads make me think about my content a little too much...

Random Thought #2 - Got an email from the $ job. They've forwarded my resume on to their national office, and are going to try to line up an interview for me with their national people when I get back from vacation. Good times. I hope this one works out. Lord knows, it's work I can believe in (getting Dubya out of office), and I could definitely use the money right about now...

Random Thought #3 - I really need a digital camera. I think I'll save my pennies for a Nikon D70 (probably about 100000 pennies, and another 8800 pennies for tax...). Right now for the vacation I'm debating whether or not to bring my Nikon N65. I'm just tired of film, and with the Belkin Media Reader I could use the 8 free gigs I have on my iPod to store all the images (with a 6 megapixel camera, it's really easy to fill up all your memory sticks/flash/etc - not so easy when you have a half-empty iPod at your disposal!).

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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Just noticed.... 

When I checked out the blog to make sure that everything was looking alright, there was a freakin google ad for the Republican National Committee. Not cool.

I know, I'm not paying for this blog, but would it hurt for them to give us the option to filter political ads?

Of course, by actually typing the words "Republican National Committe" in my blog, I've just upped the chances of the ad staying on my site. Oh well.

Democratic National Committee Democratic National Committee Democratic National Committee Democratic National Committee Democratic National Committee Democratic National Committee Democratic National Committee

Worth a try, no?

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Thoughts for a late Wednesday night (or early Thursday morning) 

-Finally got the new cat door installed. Not sure if our she's figured out how to use it...once she gets in the room, she just stares out the clear door at us, and her brother (who isn't allowed in the room due to his new urinary tract related diet restrictions).

-Free songs every week now at iTunes. Gotta love that! Now I'm just hoping that they won't suck...

-My back has been out since Friday. Finally broke out the tiger balm and vicodin today (makes life just a bit easier, if a bit smellier). The Missus was nice enough to give me a nice massage. I just hope it's better by Saturday for the whole vacation thingy.

-The Missus has put together a three page document for her brother about what needs to be done while he apartment-sits for us.

-No major movement on the job front. I sent an email expressing my interest in the job that will pay me real money. Got a call from the job that wouldn't pay me real money - they're still deciding who they want to hire, and I'm still in the running, but they're going to pass my resume on to some other interested parties. I appreciate them doing this, but it does make me question how much they want me...

-My Dad (who isn't really a recreational reader like the rest of my family) always asks me to suggest a couple of books for him to read whenever we go on vacation. I'm still debating what I'll give him for our trip to Maui. I'm seriously considering turning him on to Chuck Palahniuk. Maybe that sort of system shock will get him in a reading mood...?

-Giving medicine to a cat orally is a very weird and difficult activity. Luckily, my sick kitty is a pretty laid back dude, and takes it very well.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Kerry's campaign 

I'll admit, I am pretty plugged in as far as this whole election thing goes...I did work for the Howard Dean campaign after all. Over the last few weeks, I've started to feel like the Kerry campaign has started to lose focus (which was so nicely provided by Howard, but that's another story). Maybe he just thinks that Bush is so evil that beating him should be easy...I'm not sure (and let's face it, a lot of people worship the ground Bush walks on - I don't know many of them, but they have to exist in order for him to be president).

I have heard very little from the Kerry campaign, and what I have heard has been horribly uninspiring. Unless he starts lighting fires soon, this whole thing is probably over for the dems. Which brings me to this article in the Village Voice, which pretty much sums up how I feel right now.

I can't deal with another four years of Bush. He just scares the hell out of me. I want a dem to win, but I'm beginning to seriously doubt Kerry's ability to stand up and call Bush out. As one of my poker buddies said, it's time for the gloves to come off - Kerry has to go on the offensive and attack Bush politically an personally (lord knows, the GOP has been hammering on Kerry personally ever since he became the "presumptive nominee"). Bush has done so many atrocious and stupid things - all Kerry has to do is prove it to the public, and change the debate in this country. I'm worried that he won't be able to, and it scares me to death.

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How does this help? 

Ok, so Bush and Cheney are going to talk with the 9/11 commission, but they refuse to be sworn-in, and no recordings of the meeting will be made (although members of the commission can take notes). Oh yeah, and it's a closed-doors deal. How does this help the American people? Why won't they agree to be sworn in? Why won't they allow their words to be recorded? Why do they have to do this together? What are they trying to hide? None of this makes any sense, and it's making me lose what little respect I ever had for Dubya.

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Monday, April 26, 2004

Damn the cat door! 

So we've decided to put in a cat door to the den. We're doing this so that the non-sick cat will have access to their old (and much cheaper) food, which she prefers anyway. We're dropping $20 on a new interior door (have to store the old one for when we leave the apartment), and $60 on an electromagnetic cat door, which will let only the non-sick cat in (because she'll be wearing a special magnetic collar). If all this sounds like we're going overboard, you have to realize that the food that our sick cat has to eat for the rest of his life costs over $1/can. Doesn't sound like much, but when you're talking about two cats you are looking at spending anywhere from $60-$120 on food per month. If we can get the non-sick cat to eat her own food, we can save at least $30/month. The whole experiment will pay itself off in 2-3 months. It gets even better when you add in the fact that our sick cat is generally too aggressive for our non-sick cat's taste, and I'm sure that we'll see her spending much of her time in her own little room.

I called PetSmart yesterday about the cat door I wanted, and they said they had it. By the time we made it up there, they had sold the only one they had. I'm having to run all the way up to their Lynnwood store today to pick it up. I could pick it up at our vet, but they want $75. At this point I'm happy to save $15. Afterwards I went to Home Depot with Dad to buy the interior door. My measurements were off, so we had to manually drill out the holes for the doorknob and the latch. Would've been done yesterday, except Dad's cordless drill decided to poop out on him. He's coming over tonight with his non-cordless drill, and we'll get it taken care of tonight.

Cleaning the house like mad for our kitty-sitters. Good times. Can't wait for Maui on Saturday!

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Caligula, and The Missus' cat 

So a while back we were talking about movies at work, and someone brought up Caligula. They claimed it was "the most disturbing movie" they've ever seen, and were telling me that they weren't able to get through the whole movie, and they didn't know anyone else who had. Needless to say, I jumped on Netflix, and moved it to the top of my list. Finally watched it today with my two best friends, and while it is a very weird movie (Stimpy referred to it as "a normal movie with scenes of freaky sex thrown in every once in a while"), I honestly didn't think it was that messed up. There were definitely disturbing aspects to the movie, and some very nasty scenes, but it wasn't as gut-wrenching or disgusting as my co-workers made it out to be. The only major surprise for me was that Netflix had it in the first place. I didn't think Netflix carried porn, and this definitely ranked as porn.

Am I weird? One of the highlights to my day was the fact that The Missus' cat used the litterbox, and didn't appear to really struggle! He had us worried there for a bit (and after dropping $1500 in the last week, the last thing I wanted be was worried!). He seems to be doing okay, and we're going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that he stays that way.

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Friday, April 23, 2004

Cat's still at the vet, Interview and Job Update! 

Word from the vet today, The Missus' kitty was peeing on his own, but was struggling mightily to do so. They'll keep him tonight, but there would have to be a very compelling reason for me not to take him home tomorrow (with a case of his $1/can food - which is all he'll ever be able to eat for the rest of his life! Oh well. I know The Missus will be tickled pink to have him back. I know I'll be tickled pink to pay his multiple, hefty vet bills. Haven't gotten any sweet lovin's since the cat's been gone - The Missus has been so broken up about the whole situation. Hopefully bringing back the cat will bring back my pussy (if you'll please excuse my french).

Interview today went ok. I definitely didn't hit it out of the park (but that very well could've been the interviewer's fault - I think he might've been looking for something different....won't know for sure until next week). Afterwards I did get a great job lead from one of my poker buddies, who then bcc:ed me on her email to the person who's hiring. I owe her some sushi after reading the glowing things she wrote about me! Job #1 (which I interviewed for today) is a better fit for my long-term career aspirations, but would pay very little, and be horribly stressful - Job #2 would pay 3 or 4 times better than Job #1, be in the same general field (although not aimed as precisely towards my career goals), and is something I could definitely do.

Both jobs have crappy hours. I'm working in the evenings right now, and would love to have my evenings back again - Job #1 would be a billion hours a week - so assume that nights are shot - Job #2 would be a 1pm-10pm gig (most of the time), so my evening would be just about as shot as it is now. Not sure which way I'm going to go on this one. Depends what I hear next week from Job #1 I guess, or how quickly the people at Job #2 get in touch with me. Lord knows, with the vet bills coming in, Job #2 is starting to look very attractive right now. The Missus loves the prospect of me actually pulling in more than her for the first time in over a year....I kind of like the idea myself.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Is it just me... 

or is The West Wing getting way too topic based, and leaving it's character driven roots? Tonight's episode just didn't quite grab me. Smallville was alright though.

Now I'm going to sleep. Big interview at 11:00 tomorrow, and I'll probably be picking up my cat in the afternoon. Good times. Nothing makes me happier than driving with an angry cat in the car. Nothing I tell you!

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Hopefully my friends know what they're saying 

Went to my weekly poker game last night, and asked my friends there (who helped get me the interview tomorrow) if I should get rid of the sideburns and goatee. Pretty much they all said "No". I hope they're right. Started out with $2.00, left with $2.66. Not a bad night of poker (started out slow, but won big going all-in - such a great way to start a comeback!).

The Missus' kitty is still at the vet. They removed his catherter this morning, and there is a chance we can have him home tonight (and start feeding both our cats $1 a can food for the rest of their lives! Yay!).

I'm attending my first city council meeting tonight. I play Ultimate (frisbee), and we need more fieldspace. There is one really good place to build it (and it's been vetted by the Parks Dept), but the neighbors are a bunch of NIMBYs in the worst way, and are using all their political capital and money to put the kibosh on this thing moving forward. These same people wanted to stop the very popular and well-used Burke-Gilman Trail from going through their neighborhood fercryinoutloud! It looked a year ago as if passing this through council wouldn't be a problem, but then a new council got elected, and it seems as if Jean Godden (freshman councilmember and former columnist for the Seattle P-I) lives in the problematic neighborhood, and is siding with the neighbors. I also have the feeling that the other newbies are scared by the amount of correspondence they're receiving about the topic (apparently both sides flooded their email inboxes with over 30,000 emails combined), and want to go forward in the traditional "Seattle Way" (which means lots of process, with very little progress). I love this city, but sometimes it really pisses me off.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Decent night at work... 

My night at work was going very slowly (and I can't say that my mood was high with my cat still at the vet, and the bills climbing quickly), until I noticed a message on my cell phone. It was from a job that I really wanted, and they wanted to interview me! I'll call them tomorrow morning and get that set up! I can't speak too much about the job, but let's just say that it's exactly what I want and need (professionally) right now. The Missus supports me, even though she realizes that it may mean not really seeing me for quite some time (the hours for this job are ridiculous, and the pay usually isn't so great....but the contacts and experience are invaluable). Right after I heard that message, my productivity at work jumped up. Very nice.

Then I get home, and the Mariners are ahead 1-0 going into the top of the 9th inning....and a fan gets her glove in the way of Ichiro trying to catch a Jermaine Dye fly ball. She single-handedly turns it into a home run, and we have a tied ballgame. This went on until the bottom of the 14th inning, with the Mariners finally prevailing. Seems like their season is turning around, but there were signs to the contrary. The relief pitching allowed the Athletics to fill the bases three consecutive innings (luckily they weren't able to convert any of those opportunities into a run), and the Mariners weren't able to score with the bases loaded 2 or 3 straight innings also.

The ballgame ended in the weirdest possible way. The Mariners had Quentin McCracken on third and Bret Boone on 1st. The A's pitcher faked to third, then threw to first. Problem is, his leading foot never went toward third base, but rather went towards home. The first base umpire called a balk, and both runners advanced giving the Mariners the win. Crappy way to lose, but after 14 innings, none of the Mariners were going to complain about it as a way to win.

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Monday, April 19, 2004

Very little sleep last night.... 

Had to wake up early to get the cat from the emergency vet, and transport him to the regular vet. Had to sign off on another set of estimates. This cat had better start doing some chores around here, otherwise I'm not sure how he's going to pay this off! ;)

Wasn't able to get a good nap (probably 20 minutes). The Missus is going to visit the cat after she gets off work tonight. She's pretty broken up over the whole thing. She'll be okay once the cat's back in the house (in another day or three).

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

So many things happening all at once... 

So I'm supposed to go out drinking with a couple of friends last night (seeing as today was my birthday and all), and before the first drop of alcohol is consumed, I get a call from The Missus. Apparently her cat is acting lethargic, and can't pee - not even on her sweater. The thing that got her to call me was the fact that she pulled out treats, and he didn't even move.... So she called the Emergency Vet, and they said that if his urinary tract was blocked, it could be life threatening - I dropped everything and we took him in. Sure enough, his little kitty wee-wee was blocked up. They catherderized him (is that even a word?) and pumped fluids into him. He had to spend two nights, and tomorrow morning I get to wake up really early, in time to pick him up by 7:30am, and get him to his normal vet by 8:00, catherder still in place. All told, this cat's pee-pee problems are easily going to cost us over a grand. Just peachy, especially with us going to Hawaii in a couple of weeks. Thank god for savings accounts and credit cards! ;)

Went to two birthday parties today, one for a local politico who I'm trying to get in good with, and another for me. Turned a quarter century today. Good times. Had family and friends over at my parent's place. Had ribs. Had German chocolate cake. Best gift - a t-shirt from my two best friends which reads: "Daddy Likey". Very good times.

Not sure if our other cat (my cat) is acting lovey because her brother is gone (sometimes he really buggs the hell out of her), or if she's acting that way because she's lonely. I guess I'll know tomorrow when I bring him home, and see her reaction to his return.

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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Friday night ramblings 

Blah #1
Finally caught Showbiz Moms and Dads on Bravo today (it was on right after Twins). These people should be locked up. These poor kids will never understand what it's like to have a normal childhood...and most of these kids won't make it big, which makes the loss of their childhood that much worse. I wonder what kind of behavior can be attributed to kids who grew up in this kind of environment? It's obvious to me that most celebrities (especially the child variety - just look at Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin) are stunted in some way. I just hope that the kids on this show either make it real big, or they somehow magically turn out normal and well-adjusted.

Blah #2

Slow week at work....means small paycheck on Thursday. Everything considered, me and The Missus are doing a-okay. We'll be doing super-duper once I land a real job - and I have a feeling that it will happen soon.

Blah #3
The lasagne from The Lasagne Party was damn good. Not as good as my mamma's, but damn tasty (and better than whatever I would've made for myself).

Blah #4
As a long-time Seattle Mariner fan, I've known the pain of having a .200 team - but it's been so long I'd almost forgotten what it felt like - until today. There's too much talent on that team to be playing so poorly, and if I know Seattle sports fans (and I like to think I do, since I've been one since I was born) they won't deal with this too well. If this goes on much longer (even just another week or two) the fans will drop the team faster than you can say "Ichiro". This town demands winners (or at least contenders), and ignores teams that don't show a pulse (note the anemic Sonic ticket sales the past couple of seasons). Lord knows the city's put enough blood, sweat and tears into these teams (as well as lots and lots of tax-payer $$) - now we want a championship. Last one of those was in 1979 - I was a baby, Jimmy Carter was President, and Arnold Schwartzenegger was a body builder.

Blah #5

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Friday, April 16, 2004

Lasagne Party? 

Just when I thought my wife couldn't get any weirder, she's having over two of her best friends, and her brother's girlfriend over for a lasagne-making party.

On the up-side, I won't have to worry about food for the next day or two.

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Thursday, April 15, 2004

I have found something lazier than me.... 

...and it is my two cats. I woke up a couple of days ago (around 9 or 10), went about my buisness for the day, and then got ready to go to work (right now I start work sometime between 4:00 and 5:00pm - so I leave my house around 3:30-4:00) - and both of my lazy-ass cats hadn't moved the entire day since I work up.

Amazing. I need to be a cat in my next life...

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Couple of things: 

- you need to check out 20Q.net, it blows my mind (and sucks away more sleep than it should).

- a lot of the good logons at blogspot are out of circulation. Check out daysofmylife if you don't believe me. Blogspot really should figure out a way to release old, barely used usernames. Would make it a lot easier to find something you like.

Hope you did your taxes - cause if you didn't, you really shouldn't be here reading this.

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